May 2014: News & Mega Photo Update

WOW, nearly a year between news posts - we HAVE been busy.  Here is a quick news update.

We have had another busy 12 months, and have been involved in some interesting and challenging projects.  Ezy Homes have gone to SA, Vic, NSW, NT, PNG & Fiji.

The challenges faced in these projects have helped to grow our construction system, and is one reason why Ezy Homes is Australia's leading supplier of steel pole homes.  For example, we now have an economical engineered footing solution for mine subsidence building sites.

We've assembled the project pics that have been sent to us over the last 12 months, and added the best to our photo gallery.  Below are a few examples.

Coming up for construction are a number of 400m2+ multi-generational homes, which are becoming more and more common as people utilise their land - while combing finances to build a large scale home.

Other interesting projects lately have included a huge managers residence to a remote & exclusive Fiji resort, homes with angled columns, and homes that use new/interesting materials like Hebel floors, and Dincell wet walls.  We're also looking forward to working with new products like Inex Floor, which is compressed cement sheeting that can be sealed like polished concrete.

We're also hoping that we'll have time for (more) regular news updates..............
June 2012: New Pricing & Packages Released

Our new kit home pricing has been released and is effective as of June 1st.  We now have 39 standard home designs and are now offering a lock-up kit home package.

This pricing adjustment is the first change in Ezy Homes kit home prices since 2008. 

The introduction of a lock-up kit home package bridges the gap between our frame kit and full kit package - adding wall frame materials, cladding, windows & external doors to our frame kit package.
View our new Standard Designs
View our new Kit Home Pricing
View our new Kit Home Inclusions
Feb 2012: PNG Project News & Photos

Construction of the Ezy Homes being built in Lae, PNG has continued through a long wet season, a 5.7 magnitude earthquake, and the odd riot.  Below are pics of the 2 bedroom duplex's nearing completion. 


Ezy Homes construction system has made building in this difficult location fast & easy.  Ezy Homes staff provided on-site training in the erection of the steel frame, then the developer of this project was able to use local (National) tradesmen and laborers to complete the homes to the standard shown in these pics. 

Learn more about our Construction system, or contact us to learn more about using Ezy Homes for your next project.
June 2011: New $10,000 Government Grant for Queenslanders
The Queensland Government has announced a $10,000 building boost grant, for new home construction. The grant is available to anyone building a new home costing up to $600,000.

The grant is available for 6 months only. To qualify, builder (completion) contracts must be signed between 1 Aug 2011 – 31 Jan 2012 - Owner/builders must start construction 1 Aug 2011 – 31 Jan 2012. Construction must be complete within 18 months of the qualifying period.

More info found here 

Applications go to the Office of State Revenue   
March 2011: Ezy Homes Exports to PNG

Ezy Homes has begun supplying our pole home construction system to PNG - being used to create an executive housing estate.
 The first of the houses are nearing completion after only 8 weeks of construction.

Ezy Homes took care of the design, engineering & supplied our structural steel floor & roof system - along with the building materials that are not readily available in PNG.

The "Executive Estate" consists of 3 bedroom homes, 2 bedroom & 1 bedroom self-contained duplex's - all designed & supplied by Ezy Homes.

Each house/duplex is furnished with high quality fixtures & fittings imported from Asia, and the estate has 24/7 gated & guarded security.
This project is another good example of how developers with sloping/difficult building sites are utilising the Ezy homes pole home construction system - to make new home building easy & fast.
May 2010: Ezy Homes in Magazine Feature
The upcoming issue of Build/Home Magazine includes a feature article on Ezy Homes.

Here is a PDF sneak preview of the 2 page feature.

This article will be appearing in the June issue available in Queensland and NSW.

Click here to open the PDF in a new browser window.

Phone or email Ezy Homes today, to discuss a custom steel pole home solution for your building site.
April 2010: Split Level Homes Popular
Split Level Home designs are an excellent way to utilise sloping land. The Ezy Homes construction system allows our standard designs to be modified into split levels, very easily and without blowing the budget.

A recent example is a project currently under construction at Cornubia. The challenge was to design a large family home, on a small steep building site - while still keeping within local council maximum height restrictions.

The result is a custom design, multi-level home - based on our "Outlook" standard plan. This design includes 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms, rumpus, office, and open plan living.
Standard "Outlook" Cross Section Custom Split Level at Cornubia Cross Section

This project is just one example of how the Ezy Homes construction system has been used to build a beautiful home, on a difficult building site, at an affordable price.

Learn more about split level options on our NEW split level feature page.  A case study of this project can be found at the Ezy Homes blogContact Ezy Homes and find out about the design options for your land
Dec 2009: Christmas Trading Hours
Ezy Homes head office will be closed for the festive season from December 18th until January 4th - for a well earned rest!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients and partners for making 2009 such a successful year for Ezy Homes.

We wish all of our clients, suppliers, and building partners a very merry & safe festive season - and are looking forward to an enjoyable and prosperous new year for all.
Nov 2009: Moreton Bay Islands Builder
Owners of land on Macleay, Russell, Lamb, Karragarra & Coochiemudlo Islands now have the option of a "built to completion" Ezy Home, by PaLew Construction.

Because PaLew Construction are based on Macleay Island they are able to build on the Bay Islands faster, and at a lower cost than "mainland" builders.

PaLew Construction is headed by Paul Ankers. Paul has already built many Ezy Homes on the Bay Islands, as an employee of Ezy Homes.  He has the experience & a proven record of high quality workmanship to ensure your Ezy Home meets your expectations.

Now as a QBSA licensed builder, Paul's and his team are available to build your dream Ezy Home on the Moreton Bay Islands.
October 2009: Builders Network Expands . . . . to Tassie
Ezy Homes now has licensed builders available in Northern Tasmania, Sunshine Coast, & Mackay - ready to erect your steel pole kit home, or build it for you to lock-up or full completion stage.

ET Construction are available to construct your dream Ezy Home throughout Northern Tasmania - and are about to commence their first Ezy Homes project, in Devonport.

ET Construction is based half way between Devonport and Launceston, and is ideally located to service a large part of Northern Tasmania.

Now, potential Ezy Homes clients in these areas are able to easily obtain accurate construction quotes - and deal with a trusted licensed builder.

Ezy Homes take care of the design, drafting and initial quoting for all projects. We then obtain fixed price quotations to construct the home to the stage that suits the individual client, by a local licensed builder. At contract stage, the client is "handed-over" to the builder, so that they can communicate directly. Ezy Homes do not charge the client or the builder any fee for this service.
September 2009: Premium Partner Builder for Victoria
True Blue Homes have become an Ezy Homes Premium Builder Partner, servicing the greater Melbourne area, to Mornington Peninsula, and south-eastern region.

Premium Partners work closely with Ezy Homes to ensure the highest level of quality is provided to clients.

True Blue homes principal, Darryn Bass, said "This is a perfect marriage between Ezy Homes unique construction system and True Blue's local experience and knowledge."

True Blue Homes motto of "Building the house you call home" is a perfect synergy for Ezy Homes clients looking for a high quality builder to construct their dream home for them.

Click here to visit the True Blue Homes website
August 2009: July, another record sales month

Since adding the "built to completion" option late 2008, Ezy Homes has experienced strong positive growth in enquiry and sales. In fact, July 2009 has seen all previous sales records surpassed.

One reason for this is the rapidly growing Ezy Homes Builders Network, which has allowed potential clients to partner with a quality builder in their area, hassle free. The Builders Network enables potential clients to have their own Ezy Home - without the need to become an owner/builder - and to have the security of having their project managed and guaranteed by a licensed builder.

Having a licensed builder construct your home also offers the security of a fixed price contract. No nasty surprises.

Another key factor in the growth of "built to completion" Ezy Homes is that obtaining owner/builder finance has become more difficult, in the current economic climate. In contrast, banks and lending institutions are still willing to provide funds for new homes - provided the project is managed by a licensed builder on a fixed contract basis.

Contact Ezy Homes and get yours today - before they are all gone!.....just kidding

Click here to request more information via our quick online reply form
July 2009: Builder Network continues rapid growth

Licensed builders from Central Coast, Metro Sydney, Mornington Peninsula, Adelaide, and Perth have joined the Ezy Homes Builders Network, in recent weeks.

Driven by client demand for Ezy Homes built to completion, the Builders Network has been substantially expanded - and continues to grow. These builders can take an Ezy Homes "frame kit" and construct the home to a stage that suits each individual client.

Talk to Ezy Homes about obtaining a builders quote in your area.

Licensed builders should register their interest by applying to join the Ezy Homes Builders Network. Ezy Homes charge $ zero for providing clients to our Builders Network. Following price acceptance by the client, plans are submitted to local council, then Ezy Homes "steps back" so that clients can deal directly with their builder.

Contact us to request a quote from a builder in your area

Builders wishing to apply to join our National Builders Network click here
May 2009: We've been everywhere, Man

Our most recent projects have seen Ezy Homes built from North Queensland, down to the NSW Central Coast, and out to South Western Queensland.

As well as our many projects around South East Queensland, recently Ezy Homes have been erected in a few "exotic" locations:

* Two Coolum 3's have been built right on the oceanfront near Coffs Harbor and Sarina Beach, near Mackay.

* A Coolum 2 was erected next to a remote South Western Queensland national park. Beautiful.

The Ezy Homes construction system make building in remote locations a breeze. An entire frame kit (columns, floor joists, and roof structure) can be assembled in JUST ONE DAY.

The galvanised steel components used in Ezy Homes make them ideal for Oceanside locations. Many, many Ezy Homes have been built on absolute water frontage - and have stood the test of time.

In addition to these recent projects, Ezy Homes can be found throughout Australia in beautiful locations from The Daintree, to Tasmania.
Feb 2009: Record sales month in January

What economic crisis? Despite (perhaps because of) the global financial downturn, Ezy Homes has started 2009 with a record sales month.

In the current financial climate, potential clients are looking much more closely at their choice of kit home suppliers. These times also serves to highlight the huge cost/benefit of constructing a kit home, particularly as an owner/builder.

Another reason for the record sales month is Ezy Homes restructured pricing options (released Nov 2008). These have made Ezy Homes even more financially attractive, as well as providing our clients with more flexibility and control over trade contractor costs.

Also, the recently expanded Ezy Homes Builders Network now provides a reliable and predictable way to construct an Ezy Home - without having to be an owner/builder.

Historically, tough economic times serve to "clean out the dead-wood" (poorly structured and run businesses) - while further strengthening those businesses with a solid product and a sound business model.

Ezy Homes clearly fits into the latter category, and we expect 2009 to be a very successful year.

See for yourself - click to view our Standard Designs, Kit Home Pricing or Built by Builder Pricing
Nov 2008: Kit inclusions & pricing changes

Labour has been removed as a kit option as of November 2008 and Ezy Homes will no longer be offering the "built to lock-up stage" option. Instead, we are now offering a "Full Kit" option which provides clients with a fixed cost for the majority of their homes building materials. The two Ezy Homes kit home options now are:

1. Frame Kit - which are the "structural components" of the kit home. This includes the steel poles, floor bearers & joists, roof structure, flooring, roofing, and associated hardware.

2. Full Kit - in addition to the Frame Kit components, this kit also includes decking, wall framing, external cladding, internal wall linings, aluminum windows, internal & external doors & locks, skirting & architraves, and all the required hardware.

Instead of managing our own construction staff, Ezy Homes will now focus on assisting our clients to liaise with our database of proven builders and tradesmen - as well as helping clients to source their own local licensed builders.

We feel that this change in direction and the new kit options will give our clients more flexibility in their construction options (owner/builder or built to completion by a licensed builder), the ability to choose their preferred tradesmen, and also provide a fixed cost and set delivery for nearly all of their building materials.

View the new Kit Home Pricing & Inclusions
Oct 2008: First Home Owners grant increased

The Government announced that the first home owners grant would triple for new dwellings - from $7,000 to $21,000.

The $14,000 increase in the grant is effective immediately. The grant can be obtained via your lender prior to construction - or applied for once the dwelling is complete.

It is a fiscal measure that has been well received by the building industry and home purchasers/builders alike. The increased grant is expected to stimulate business activity and confidence, while helping to address the current severe housing shortage.

It is estimated that 45,000 new dwellings need to be construct each year in Australia, just to meet current demand.

Visit the First Home Owners Grant website
Aug 2008: "Beach Retreat" design released

The "Mandalay" has been replaced by the "Beach Retreat" in the small home category, effective August 2008.

While the "Mandalay" was a very popular design (due to its' size and price), its' 40 degree pitched roof limited the useable second floor area, and also added a degree of difficulty to construction.

The all new "Beach Retreat" has a similar floor size to the "Mandalay", but with much more useable space because of it's single pitched roof. The design also simplifies the construction process, further reducing client build time and costs.

The single pitch roof (skillion) is ideal for the warm Australian climate, allowing greater air flow and reducing thermal mass.

The "Beach Retreat" is an ideal weekender, retirement home, or studio extension to your existing home.

Learn more about the "Beach Retreat"
July 2008: Steel price rise confirmed

The worldwide demand for steel has driven prices up from our suppliers, which is reflected in our updated pricing.

At all times, Ezy Homes endeavors to provide kit homes at competitive prices. While we regret the price increases, naturally we must include these cost increases in all future contracts.

The instability in the steel market has driven the building industry body to develop a recommended policy for builders to adopt. Ezy Homes has adopted this policy, which seeks to protect both builders and their clients.
June 2008:  Ezy Homes news page added to website

An Ezy Homes news page has been added to our website. This will keep our current and future clients up to date with our latest design releases, pricing and policy changes.